Factory Method Design Pattern

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What is Factory Method Pattern?

Based on the parameters factory classes decide which user to return, Let’s look at an example by using the Factory method pattern using Pizza Shop.

Implementation of Factory Method Pattern

And we create types of Pizzas by extending the base “Pizza ”class.

To create the Pizza first, we have to design an abstract class and call it the Pizza Factory,

Now it has the most common functions which do not depend on the implementation, for example, Baking, Wrapping is must be done to the pizza whichever the shop we are buying. But there might be a unique function depend on each shop. Now Let’s move to the custom implementation where unique functions exist.

Now we override the functions that are unique to a certain factory. Just like this in example price calculation in John’s Pizza Store is different from one another. Now as a client we can use the client object to process the order based on the user’s input and which kind of pizza will get depends on the user’s input.

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