• Ranmal Dewage

    Ranmal Dewage

    Software Engineer at Virtusa, Graduate of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT).

  • Arun prashanth

    Arun prashanth

    Software Engineer at Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd.

  • Chiamaka Okenwa

    Chiamaka Okenwa

    Software Engineer💻 Twitter @amakachii_

  • Gary Sharpe

    Gary Sharpe

    I build back-end systems for moving, munging and synchronizing data from one end of the enterprise to the other.

  • Fikri Hakim

    Fikri Hakim

  • Howard Hubbard

    Howard Hubbard

    I’m an experienced content writer covering a wide variety of topics.

  • Jean C. Solís

    Jean C. Solís

  • Gustavo Lopes

    Gustavo Lopes

    Entusiasta de tecnologia e desenvolvimento de software. Arquiteto de Sistemas, especialista em desenvolvimento Web / Mobile.

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